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Having worked in business at director level for many years my aim is to use that experience to bring down-to-earth , practical solutions to your sustainability challenges.


Having worked in sustainability for over 10 years, I have experience covering the breadth of sustainability, to help you create your sustainability strategy and plans and help deliver your economic, environmental and social KPI's.


With over twenty years' experience of strategic marketing in B2B and B2C global branded businesses, I can help bring the worlds of sustainability and marketing together to deliver value to your organisation. For example integration of sustainability into your brand or marketing strategy and plans in an additive manner.


All my working life has been spent in blue chip businesses. I can use this experience to execute your sustainability plans - whether it is managing projects, coaching key staff or integrating sustainability in key business processes.

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What people say

Some feedback I have received...
Ann Halvorsen

Ann Halvorsen

Director of Communications

David is able to apply a sense of urgency into the projects he works on to drive them to a successful end. He is not afraid to challenge, but the way he does it invites a healthy discussion. I can’t wait to work with him again.

David O'Brien

David O'Brien

Global Innovation Director

David played the leading role in the development and activation of the Dulux brand's sustainability strategy. He combined creativity and high quality thinking to give us a real competitive advantage and leadership position in the industry. His passion and commitment made sure that it was delivered in the market place and made a commercial difference as well as ensuring true sustainability was at the heart of the brand.

John Petre

John Petre

Head of Technical

David was great to work with on our Sustainability Strategy for Weetabix. He brought lots of valuable knowledge and a strong commercial perspective. He helped make the most of the good things we already had, as well as setting some stretching new objectives. He input significantly accelerated our progress in this important area.

Stewart Longhurst

Stewart Longhurst

Head of digital

"David has a real purpose-led approach to work - pursuing initiatives that make tangible improvements to either customers' lives or to the business. He thinks strategically but practically; looking beyond immediate goals to longer term aspirations to ensure initiatives are sustainable (in both senses of the word)."

Martha James

Martha James

Marketing Controller

Extremely knowledgeable in both marketing and sustainability, he can ask the challenging questions which get the best out of any project.
An energetic and inspiring presenter, David was able to bring even the hardest of audiences with him - his open and inclusive style meant that even complex scientific and sustainability issues could be translated into understandable, jargon-free content for the layperson to understand.

Caroline Shilton

Caroline Shilton

Team Leader

David adds significant value to every project in which he is involved. He is the ultimate role model at being present in the moment, this enables him to identify live opportunities whilst ensuring the engagement of those also present as the idea hatches out in front of them. 
He has delivered novel and unexpected solutions to incredibly difficult & sensitive problems … and remains unperturbed by constant push-backs.
He is a pleasure to work with as the combined team effort & the well-being everyone in it are his priorities.

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