Now it is not often as a sustainability marketer that I am really surprised by a product I buy. I can think of a few. A Casper mattress is one (the whole proposition, and delivery of that promise). A Lenovo ThinkPad is another (I was just bowled over by the functional product design – now that is not a trendy thing to say since it is not Apple).

Today I had lunch. And I unusually went for a Ginster’s Cornish Pasty. I remember attending a great presentation many years ago by Dorothy Mackenzie from Dragon Rouge  that outlined the move of Ginster’s back to provenance and the sustainability benefits that this brings to the brand. Well the packaging has just had an overhaul and I have to applaud it. 

So here is the packaging before… which indecently did get a prize back then. 

Here is the new packaging.

It shouts ‘Cornish’ so much more than before- right from the imagery on the front of pack. It gives reassurance that is is a ‘Genuine Cornish Pasty’ using the stamp on the front.

Turning to the back it points out the local ingredient sourcing and tell you that the potatoes came from Hay Farm.  The packaging has communicated to me that this Pasty is special. 

So both the on-pack information and the execution surpassed my expectations. Now that doesn’t happen very often. 

This is an example where sustainability, marketing and execution comes together well IMHO. If you want help in this are then please contact me. It is my bread and ‘pasty’ 😉

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