I can help your organisation with whatever your sustainability challenge is: whether it is understanding the issue or problem, creating or updating a strategy or helping execute or implement your plans.  Here are a few ideas of how I can add value:


  • Help you focus on what is important - help form your sustainability strategy​
  • Connect sustainability to business drivers and value
  • Develop broad action plans and review processes
  • Set up sustinability reporting
  • Define and set up sustainability KPI's​
  • SWOT, PEST analysis
  • Footprint your products or organisation
  • Special sustainability projects


  • Integration of your Marketing and sustainability and digital strategies for B2B and B2C brands
  • New sustainability-focused product development and innovation - from defining trends, gathering insights and  concept development
  • Integrate sustainability into your brands and customer offer
  • Digital marketing covering web and social media
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Insight generation based on formal or informal market research
  • Special sustainability projects


  • Programme or project management
  • Facilitation with senior management teams and boards​
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement
  • Change management in your organisation
  • Management of complex technical sustainability projects
  • Leadership coaching, both individual and team
  • Integrate sustainability into key processes
  • Step-change business process improvement through six-sigma methodology